Rose Red is Not Dead!

Rose Red is my alter ego, my fairy tale self. She wears rose-tinted glasses, sees the funny side of everything, and never swears. She lives with the Prince she married, because that is what fairy tale characters do.

This was the story I was telling. Unfortunately the Prince did not know his part. If he had a Beastly side, he was supposed to have lost it through his love for me, Rose Red. He wasn’t supposed to become more Beastly. He certainly wasn’t supposed to pour a can of beer over my head and order me to leave ‘his’ house*. Maybe I had not been Beautiful enough. As any sane person would do when faced with a solid 6-foot-5 of enraged, drunken husband, I beat a tactical retreat. To my mother’s house. It was not an action befitting a fairy tale, in which the solution to this would have been to love him all the more until he turned back into a Prince.

I didn’t believe in fairy tales any more. Love was not the answer to this problem. I thought that Rose Red had died, and along with her was buried all optimism, humour and clean speech. There was nothing left but work and sweary rants on facebook. They kept me sane (ish) and I definitely gained a lot of pleasure from my new spiky heels and power wardrobe, for the few weeks I kept up wearing it, but…well, of course I missed the Prince and the pieces of me that I had cut away.

Another 6 months passed. I met up with him for coffee. He’s neither Beast nor Prince any more; he’s somewhere in between, looking for his better self. I started to look for mine, and realised that Rose Red was not dead. Just because the Prince stopped being a prince, didn’t mean that I had to stop being Rose Red.

I’m here to continue writing my own fairytale, because life is still amusing and it gets more interesting after the happily ever after…

Thank you to Sarah who nominated me back in November for the ‘Sisterhood of World Bloggers’ award. I think it is too late to accept the award, but it put a smile on my face to be nominated although I haven’t posted anything for a while! Here is the link to Sarah’s blog, it’s worth a look.

*Disclaimer: I do not claim to be unbiased or un-selective in my representation of events. If you wish to read the Prince’s version of events, you will need to look at the Prince’s blog.


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