I Miss my Blog (or, my 100th post turns out to be pretty banal…)

I miss my blog.

What do you do, when your blog is all about your family life and your marriage – and your marriage ends?

This is a personal blog, but it isn’t THAT personal. I couldn’t write about those things – they’re not mine to write about. The marriage was ours – mine and my husbands’ – and I was never in the habit of airing its darker side. It remains between the two of us – all of it, the good and the bad…

So, I’m building much of my life up from Ground Zero – but I am still here, and this blog is still here. I miss writing it and I miss looking at my reader and seeing what other people have written.

Life goes on. My blog goes on. I’m still here, and I’m still observing life, through rose tinted glasses. I can write about the sky, wine, my daughter and chocolate, and watching Arcade Fire play Glastonbury – from the comfort of my own sofa.

Those beguiling rhythms have been keeping me from my bed for at least half an hour, and resulted in considerable over-indulgence on the wine-drinking, chocolate-eating and blog-writing front. If you are reading – hello! I would like to leave you with the following message: you really should listen to Arcade Fire. They’re very good.


10 thoughts on “I Miss my Blog (or, my 100th post turns out to be pretty banal…)

  1. Sorry to hear about the personal side. I think you were one of the first I linked with wen I kicked off this blog thing in January. There’s plenty of life minutea to keep the world occupied. Just keep writing!

  2. Just realized how much I’ve missed your posts, Rose. Although so very sorry to hear about your troubles. I know what you mean about the personal part. We bare our souls in our blogs but some things are just for us. Glad to see you back!

  3. I’m happy to see you although sorry to hear about your marriage. I hope you are doing fine. Just wanted to say keep writing and enjoy doing what you like doing…” wine-drinking, chocolate-eating and blog-writing or anything….

    • Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement. I think that wine-drinking, chocolate-eating and blog-writing will all feature quite a lot in my immediate future…:)

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