Living without Internet

The internet broke (halfway through my last post). For a WHOLE WEEK. I was forced to answer the question: what did we ever do before the invention of the world wide web?

At first, I found myself completely helpless. I realised how many questions I ask of Google, every single day. Questions like

How do I make turkey burgers?

Where shall we go on holiday this year?

How popular am I? (no, not really, I’m not pulled in by any of that attention seeking nonsense. I left all that behind in my teenage years. Honestly)

How do I get rid of my double chin?

What is in the news today?

What are the kids up to on Facebook?

The Government is probably not monitoring my internet use. If my search for bath bombs alerted them to my potential revolutionary tendencies, I pity the person who has to trawl through my wanderings around the virtual landscape. Could anyone’s life really be this boring? they might think, as their head hit the desk mid-snore, watching me fill in an online form to credit my daughter’s lunch account with £15.

Although that person would, like me, find unexpected food for thought, solace and laughter in such random things as:

This post about busking made me think about blogging – aren’t we all doing the same thing? Standing on the internet equivalent of a street corner, singing our own songs – although we aren’t looking for coins in a hat…,0

This made me laugh out loud, and any post that can make me see the funny side of parenting is worth more than gold to me…

This one is just powerful writing, some of it makes sense to me and some of it makes no sense at all…

(if the internet was working properly, I would be able to insert the above as links into the post. But it isn’t – and I’m just so grateful to have it back I’m not even telling it off…)

However – after 3 days of no internet, I stopped wanting to ask Google what to cook, what to buy, what to do. I came home from work and I sat down in an armchair (not at a desk). I stared at the ceiling. I looked at the sky through the window, considered the shapes of the clouds and the veiled promise of the sun. I drank a cup of tea and read a book. I knew what I wanted to eat and what I wanted to do. I appreciated the times of the day that I spent alone.

I rested.

I even cleaned the house.

I tried to remember how to write words using a pen and some paper.

I enjoyed the silence.

Now the internet is back, I welcome it like a noisy chattery infant which only came into my life about 8 years ago – but I know now that unlike an infant it has an off switch – and it’s one I probably need to press more often…


3 thoughts on “Living without Internet

  1. Glad to have made you smile! I actually was able to crack a smile too, even after the midnight wake up call! 🙂

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