Final task of Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero left us with two final goals: firstly, set up a blogging calendar, and secondly set a goal for the next 30 days.

I have always struggled with the editorial calendar. I could never decide which days to post, and what to post – how could I guarantee to have a funny story on a Monday, or a parenting dilemma on a Thursday? Life is not so predictable. I know that the idea is to write posts in advance, but I seem incapable of doing so. The only way I can write a post is by sitting in front of the laptop knowing that I have half an hour to do it (this is why my posts always get furiously edited some time after posting them – when I’ve sneaked back onto the laptop to read them back, and seen all my mistakes…)

Being an all-or-nothing sort of person, and being undecided about which day to post, I tend to post every day – or, not at all.

However, today as I wrote my post, I looked at my daughter’s facebook account and saw that in the couple of hours I had been sitting, writing and surfing WordPress, she had been posting selfies on Facebook. I saw us as if I was someone looking in from a distance. I saw what must be a common sight nowadays; two members of a family sitting isolated in separate rooms. I thought that this happens way too much in our family.

I decided that this wasn’t how I wanted our life to be. Also, I have just banned my daughter from using her i-pad for an indefinite amount of time (for reasons I will not go into, but I’m worried about her). This means that I will have to stop using the internet, to set the example that the internet is not the same as a life-support machine; we can live without it. Or give her the i-pad back (tempting…).

It seems, then, that an editorial calendar is a necessity.

I’m going to go for twice a week. Tuesday and Friday. Hopefully I will manage more, but my goal for the next 30 days is to become a better parent. Then I’ll blog about it…


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