Introverted Blogging…

The Zero to Hero prompt of today commands followers to customize their blogs. I am afraid they lost me at the first sentence:

Even if you love your house, you’ve probably admired a detail at a friends’ place — a paint color you love, an end table you’d never seen…

Honestly, I never do this. I don’t love my house for any reason other than the people in it and the light streaming through the windows, and I have never admired a paint colour or an end table at someone else’s house. I can’t imagine ever thinking about such things, much less discussing them. In the same vein, I can’t even picture myself visiting other people’s blogs to compliment them on their design features, much less think about copying them.

Confession time: I wouldn’t know a design feature if it hit me on the head, and I am an introverted blogger…

I began this blog 3 months ago with November’s Nablopomo. committing to blogging every single day – after the first month, I was so addicted that I couldn’t stop, and carried on posting every day for another month. I think I only missed one day in all of that time. Due to the fact that I started a full time job this month, and didn’t want to neglect my family, I decided to wean myself off Nablopomo with the Zero to Hero challenge: One bite-sized task a day for 30 days for a solid blogging foundation; it was definitely a ‘solid blogging foundation’ – but bite-sized tasks? All of the tasks were enjoyable and do-able, but they have been time consuming. The most time-consuming thing (and the thing which has been an ‘epic fail’ for me, as my daughter would say) is the level of interaction with other bloggers. On this point, I have remained firmly in my comfort zone.

My name is Rose Red and I am an introvert. I can say this proudly now, having read the book ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain, on honeymoon (I drove my new husband mad by explaining at top volume to him what a delicate flower I am, over a romantic meal – alcohol helping me to overcome my introversion). I like to write things down and then run and hide. This is why I started writing in the first place – to give my thoughts the voice that I couldn’t give them any other way. Although I now write not only for myself, I can only cope with so much interaction before I need to ‘unplug’ and breathe.

Zero to Hero has taken me to the edges of my comfort zone in this respect.  I have been surprised at the nature of the tasks that have formed a part of this challenge (I expected nothing but writing prompts), and how they have resulted in a dizzying expansion of my blogging world. I can say without reservation that every task has been rewarding to date, every new follower greeted with delight, and every blog I have discovered a treasure trove to explore – but now we are talking about design features, I am retreating right back to the centre of my comfort zone. I know nothing about design features or colour schemes. Here in my comfort zone, the walls are a sort of neutral, the furniture nondescript – but there are stories and lullabies to cast soft light and shadows, like the candlelight flickering on the walls…


6 thoughts on “Introverted Blogging…

    • I am an INFJ too. That book explained so much to me about how I could be introverted, but strong-willed – and not always quiet…
      I’ve changed my background as an experiment, but I’m not sure it works…Design really isn’t my strong point!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  1. I love how, though you’re an introvert, you “come out” in your blogs. You’re an interesting person, Rose. Like.

  2. I wonder if most bloggers, like most performers, are introverted at heart. The medium of art allows expression that needs to come out but that can’t find release through the ‘normal’ social channels perhaps? Whatever, the challenge has given us all insight into a wider range of bloggers, even if I personally have not been able to maintain the daily schedule.

    • Yes, I think you might be right – also, there is so much more to say than gets said in a ‘normal’ conversation.
      I have ‘met’ many bloggers I wouldn’t have otherwise met through this challenge, but I too have struggled with the schedule, and I actually wish I had not tried so hard to keep up with it. I think it’s something that can be done at your own pace.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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