Blog Round-Up – more blogging about blogging…

Another Zero to Hero challenge…Publish a roundup post that links to posts on at least three other blogs, and tell us why you love the posts — and why we should read ‘em.

This sounds like a lazy but pleasurable way to produce a blog post, and gives me the chance to share more of the things I’ve enjoyed reading (following yesterday’s post where I linked to my favourite new blogs/blogs with less than 200 followers).

I loved this post on BlogHer:

This post perfectly captures something we can all recognise – the discomfort of witnessing parents over-sharing on social media. Good point, well made.

This post is full of beautiful, evocative quotes from writers about the act of writing:

and this one

puts the 1960s into context, and gives me an insight into American life – here in the UK, things are the same, but in a different setting and context. I guess I like this because I agree with what aviets says, too.

and this

is a poem I like (Charlotte Cuevas writes a poem every day, and they are always thought-provoking.)

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Blog Round-Up – more blogging about blogging…

  1. I see a few links Im going to read. Thanks! I’ll Let you know later which ones. By later , I mean in a day or so. :/ ;)))))

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