Awards, Spreadsheets and Life on Fast Forward

The Liebster award seems to be ricocheting around the Zero to Hero community. I am really grateful to Samantha on Grilled Cheese for nominating me for the award – she’s definitely a woman after my own heart with her love of cheese, amongst other things! I’ve decided to be an award-free zone for the moment, as the rules of these things are too confusing for me, and accepting them is seriously time consuming. I found many new blogs to follow during my search for suitable nominees. I’ve enjoyed browsing around and have decided to take the advice to put together a proper blogroll – this is my next project.

My life has become very busy as not only have I started a new job, but the manager of this job has suggested I apply for the post a grade above this one, which they have just advertised. I am very excited at the fact that she thinks I am capable of doing it. I’m hastily trying to substantiate my claims to be able to use spreadsheets and databases with ease, working day and evening to learn new skills. It’s a long time since I have had such a challenge, and I’m enjoying it.

My life suddenly seems to be moving in fast forward, which is a blessing as this month is Dry January. Yes, I decided to stop drinking for the entire month of January. The thing that amazes me more than the fact that I have managed this for 15 days, is the fact that I have managed not to blog about it for 15 days. I am sure I will be remedying this, just as soon as I have got to grips with how to make a graph out of some numbers on a spreadsheet…


8 thoughts on “Awards, Spreadsheets and Life on Fast Forward

  1. I’m working on my blog roll as well! I follow so many people, that I’m thinking about doing it as a ‘Shout out’ sort of thing. Once a week, pick a few blogs to showcase….

    I’m putting yours up this week 🙂 Hopefully it sends some traffic your way.

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