The Post I Never Wrote

I wrote it…but I trashed it. WordPress sneakily suggested writing the post you first thought of when you were starting your blog, the one you never had the courage to publish. They tricked me into hitting that publish button, however I trashed it soon after…I’m afraid all these Zero to Hero tasks are putting me off blogging completely. All this, who are you and why are you here, and write the post you didn’t want to publish.

I’m going to have to go back to random stream-of-consciousness blogging, it’s more fun.

So. I start my new job tomorrow; the one I couldn’t believe I had got

‘They like my personality!!’ I said to my husband after the phone conversation where they offered me the job.


I’ve never been hired for my personality before. This is good, I think, it means all I have to do is be myself? (and not forget how to touch type by tomorrow).

Problem is, ‘myself’ in this context means, my interview self. Can I keep up that cheery personality, at least until the 6 month probation is up?! Can I do 6 months without an off day?

The outlook is bright, for this one – I actually felt very comfortable in the interview, and was completely relaxed as I was convinced I had failed the spreadsheet test they gave me before they interviewed me. So, I probably was acting as close to ‘normal’ as I ever get…here’s hoping it will work out.


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