Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

I am writing this post after reading the first of the ‘Zero to Hero‘ prompts published by the Daily Post.

Apparently, this is the first question to be answered on starting a blog. It’s the reason that it took me so long to begin blogging. Obviously, I don’t have a clue. The blog was supposed to be answering that question for me, rather than the other way around.

When I started this blog, two months ago, all I knew was that I loved writing and needed some kind of an outlet. Writing is something that I have done all my life, and it has often got me into trouble (usually by way of people finding my embarrassing diary, as I mentioned in this post). I thought I Β might as well put it all online and advertise for readers, thus saving people the trouble of hunting for my diary. I also hoped that knowing that people might read what I wrote would help me to avoid the self-indulgence of a diary, and I wrote about that here.

Not knowing ‘who I am’ as a blogger, or why I was blogging, put me off starting a blog for some time. I thought I would need to write about something specific. I thought that planning a wedding would be a good thing to write about, and began thirtysomethingbride in November 2012. My last post, written February 2013, ended with

never again will I be at this point in time – less than 3 weeks away from getting married, wondering what the Big Day will bring…

Which was ironic, as my wedding was in fact cancelled 3 days before it was due to take place, and so I would in fact be at that point in time again – in August, when I actually did get married.

In October, I logged on to my wordpress account for some reason, and found a ‘Congratulations’ from WordPress on my blogging anniversary. This coincidence, coupled with it being the month of NaBloPoMo, was enough to make me decide to blog again. I dived into NaBloPoMo with no clear plan; the closest thing I had to a mission statement was the tagline ‘life through rose-tinted glasses’. I did not want to get mired in depression or in the catastrophic events of the year; this was a place for storytelling, for optimism and for levity.

I hoped that the more I looked for the bright side, the funny side, the more easily I would find it, and this has been the case. I definitely believe the saying that ‘laughter is the best medicine’. I have made the decision to wear the rose-tinted glasses, but this tagline is supposed to suggest that there is a darker view, and another side to my life. I have suffered from depression, and still do, and my life has not been problem-free, in fact it’s been fairly catastrophic at times. I would like to write about these aspects of life too, but maintain a light touch. It is said that the best humour comes from a dark place, and I guess that is what I am aiming for.

As far as a mission statement goes, I hope to write entertaining and amusing posts about all aspects of life as a respectable 40-year-old working mother in a blended family (but with a shady past). I am most likely to tell stories about: family life, being a stepmother, dealing with almost-teenage children, yearning for another baby, adjusting to married life, memories of single motherhood, issues specific to bringing up a daughter (and here is where I am likely to get all feminist), and day-to-day life and work in an office. Β Most of my posts are anecdotal.

As for ‘who I would like to connect with’ – it’s impossible to write a shopping list of attributes for this. I follow blogs which appeal to me; often they have something in common with mine, but sometimes I follow them for the different perspective they give me, and I’m sure this is the same for people who follow my blog. I do have some pretensions to be a Writer, and I like to follow the blogs of people who are writing professionally, but they don’t usually follow me back…

Success for me would be that I write well, entertain visitors to my blog and continue to grow and interact with the community that I have found here so far.


8 thoughts on “Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

  1. Well you have caught my attention. I’m no professional, nor do I want to be but I believe I’m a decent writer to a degree. From what I see here, so are you πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see what you write next.


  2. It’s great how you picked it all up again :). It’s amazing what a bit of encouragement does – seriously, I mean that, for I’ve often thought of pulling the plug. I don’t think I ever have received an anniversary congrats. That’d be all right!

    I missed the story where your wedding was cancelled! Is there a post about it?

    • Hi, good to see you!
      Yes it’s true encouragement helps. I am so glad you kept going with your blog, it seems like you have created something special there.
      It was weird, the congrats – I hadn’t even logged on for many months…
      I was going to tell the story of the wedding when I started blogging, but it’s all so tangled and complicated and I found it was too soon to write about it. I hope I will be able to when I manage to get some distance from it all…it’s a long story!

  3. I enjoy your blog very much. It’s upbeat, and I like your intention to maintain a light touch; I’m looking forward to getting to a similar place! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much for the feedback, I am so pleased to hear that you like the style of my blog! πŸ™‚
      I hope that you do get to an upbeat place soon, it sounds as if you are getting there although it’s such an uphill struggle. I hope that this is a good year for you…

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