Last Post of 2014! – what I would like to do more of…

Another @BlogHer prompt – what would you like to do more of in 2014?

I love the way this is phrased; usually, New Year Resolutions begin with doing less of, or stopping altogether (usually eating, drinking or smoking related). This is a negative approach with which to begin the year, and as anyone who has tried it will know, it rarely works. You are much more likely to stick to a Stopping Resolution if you replace the thing you are Stopping with something else – preferably something you enjoy.

There are many things I would like to stop doing, but here are the things that were good in 2013, that I am going to do more of in 2014:

Hoping, laughing, walking, working, reading, listening, writing…

I am still working on the specifics, but I can pretty much guarantee that my family will continue to amuse me, that work will be interesting at least some of the time, that I will be able to walk there most days, that feeling the wind on my face and watching the trees change with the seasons will make me feel more alive, that reading and writing will be what makes me feel calm and real, and that being a better listener will improve things for the people around me.

This year, crises of 2013 over, is time for me to begin to look outwards; to turn my attention from my inner being and family disasters, to focus on the wonderful world around me, and maybe to spread some of this hope that I am finally beginning to feel.


5 thoughts on “Last Post of 2014! – what I would like to do more of…

  1. I like the “more of” too. It’s great :). And I mark up each and every one of which you mentioned.

    So, here’s to achieving it!

    Happy new year, sincerely, N’n.

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