The Dregs of The Year…

We are drinking down the last dregs of this year; a mixed draft of sweetness and sludgy old se(nt)diment. In this drink I taste equal parts hope and despair.

The bitterest, coldest winter followed by a golden summer:

A wedding cancelled two days before it was due to take place, deep in an everlasting white winter,

re-arranged as the summer defrosted us with its surprise amber glow of heat,

A daughter lost in a wild place, as I mourned her in the freezing dark, and come back to me as the flowers bloomed on the trees. A curse that was placed on her at birth, weaving around us like a bad spell, entangling us in its thorny branches, until we learned to stop struggling, and she learned to bloom anyway,

my beautiful daughter, her face like the rising sun to me, the soft touch of her round cheek like a benediction…

For her, and for him, the man I chose and who chose me, and his son, for our family, I found a way through,

I will drink any dregs and swallow any bitter pill, for them…2013, you have been great and terrible. I wonder what 2014 tastes like?


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