Christmas Day

barbecued turkey, the perfect turkey

Perfectly cooked turkey

I have never had barbecued turkey before, but will definitely eat it again! This one was perfect – smoky and tender. My husband sat outside all afternoon, like an overgrown garden gnome (all 6’5 of him) checking the temperature of the barbecue and basting the meat, smoking and listening to music, and managing to appear not to have moved for hours. The children lounged around in their new onesies (a present from my sister), looking like overgrown toddlers dressed in giant babygros. I tried to bring some glamour to the proceedings with my ‘smoky eye’ make-up (picture a very elegant panda) and by sparkling the table with candlelight, gold sequins and shiny stars.

It was a lovely, cosy, lazy day, punctuated with squeals of excitement from the kids and the occasional whinge (inevitable as they were up at 630am and kept getting up in the night to check whether it was morning yet). Now they’re in bed, the washing up is done, and I’m reflecting on the harmonious family Christmas which I feel extremely fortunate to have enjoyed.

Sending good wishes out into the blogosphere. I wish you peace and love, wherever you are.


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