Big or Small Christmas?

Another NaBloPoMo prompt: – are you doing Christmas big or small this year?

Small in terms of people – just the four of us, an official family for the first time as me and my husband were finally married this year. Big, in terms of ambition. For one, we are going to try to barbecue the turkey. This bold move is born of necessity, because the bottom part of our oven is broken. We do have a small top oven, but it will not fit a turkey or even a small chicken. I have already learnt that you can broil a chicken in a casserole dish with some veg and stock, and it actually tastes quite nice. I don’t know what barbecued turkey tastes like, but I will be able to tell you tomorrow. (We will buy a new oven at some point but what with getting married and moving house this year, and the kids expecting presents for Christmas, it’s had to wait).

Secondly, I have big ambitions for the table. It will be all sparkly. I can’t say more than that.

We are going to my parents’ tonight for a Christmas Eve meal and some early presents. The kids can’t wait. Apparently there are 13 hours to go…

Merry Christmas

I hope it is peaceful and filled with good will.


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