Last Posting Day Before Christmas, and My Winter Wonderland

Tomorrow is the last posting day before Christmas. Obviously, this means that my husband is desperately trying to order presents on the internet, to be delivered to his family who live in various corners of the UK. (I did offer to avert this yearly crisis by buying presents and posting them for him – but he seemed to distrust my judgement. I have no idea why, I thought a pinball machine was a great idea for his sister’s kids).

As we share a laptop between us (well OK then; it’s his laptop) this means that I have not been able to write a post all evening. Well, that’s my excuse anyway. In the brief interlude in frenzied internet shopping, I thought I would post a picture of one of the decorations in my Winter Wonderland…

Floating candles, snowflakes, Christmas decorations, sparkle

My winter wonderland

(Some snowflakes and some floating candles..:)

Happy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “Last Posting Day Before Christmas, and My Winter Wonderland

  1. Sharing computers sucks! I share with a sibling and ugh, frustrating. I am the eldest, however, so what I say goes. Mostly. 😉 Glad to know I’m not the only procrastinating holiday shopper. So far, I’ve shopped for one person. No wait – two (including myself). Wonderful floating candle! Love those. Except when they flip over… Heh.

    • Yep, sharing is annoying – though usually I get the laptop in exchange for him having complete control over the TV remote!
      I’m going to be shopping today, I think. I always say I’ll do it early and always end up in a last minute panic..
      Love my floating candles but you’re right they do seem a bit precarious! 🙂

      • I think it’d take the fun out of Christmas to do all the gift shopping early. Then what would we worry about? Have fun shopping! 🙂

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