Not Quite There But Working On It

I am over halfway through my second month of NaBloPoMo, and even I am not sure why I am doing this now! As with the last one, I have begun to tire of my own ‘voice’, even though I still have this compulsion to sit down and tap out my thoughts every day…

I am in between jobs, and so time is for once in plentiful supply. Once I realised that I was going to have almost a month of free time, I decided that I should use it to paint the house, clear out all the junk and organise the box room. So far, I have cleared out the junk, ready to store in the garage, promptly broken the key for the padlock on the garage door, and thrown all the junk in the box room. Nobody can see it, but I know it’s there.

My progress with interior decorating so far consists of having made a ‘winter wonderland’ in the tiny conservatory at the back of our house (basically, I cleaned all the windows until they were sparkly clean, stuck some snowflakes on the windows and hung some silver baubles onto twigs which I collected in the woods. It’s very pretty and I was most excited about it, but I don’t think I’m going to win any prizes for interior decoration yet).

In addition to sorting the house out, I determined to figuratively clear out and paint myself. I would sort out all the bits of detritus and confusion in my brain, as well as getting a new haircut and some make-up to make me look together and professional. Oh, and do a detox as well. Progress on this so far: – um, well I haven’t had any wine yet today, so that’s the start of a detox. I bought a foundation and some mascara last week. As for my brain – unfortunately, the more time I have to think, the more messy and confused my brain becomes, and the more stuff there seems to be in it.

I thought that I might organise this blog, have a posting schedule and decide which things to post on which day, maybe write some extra posts for days when my brain stops working. Progress on that so far: – I found a nice Christmasy theme, and then it was time to make the tea.

Sadly, it seems that me, my house, and my blog are destined to begin the New Year in chaotic, haphazard fashion; colourful and disorganised, not at all like a glossy magazine cover; but at least nobody can say that we are not ‘real’!


2 thoughts on “Not Quite There But Working On It

  1. Ah, who wants a glossy magazine covered emptiness anyways. I’m all for the haphazard, random, & un”painted”.

    Here’s to the new year, and whatever we can manage to produce for it 🙂

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