Cinderella is going to the Ball

gorton monastery, places to get married in manchester, christmas ball, restored monastery

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Tonight we are going to a Christmas Ball at this beautifully restored Monastery.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the friend who organised the table for tonight is currently planning a wedding. I am sure that everyone who has planned a wedding in or around Manchester will have visited this place, a fantastical Gothic building in the midst of the grim inner city. Most people I know would then realise, like me, that they could never afford to fill the huge echoing space of the cathedral with enough guests to warm it up, but leave wishing that they could see it, all lit up, party in full swing.

Which is when they hand you a leaflet for the Christmas Ball, and you say

‘Ooh, a Christmas Ball in there, imagine that!’ and your husband-to-be says

‘Humph,’ maybe thinking you are indulging your princess fantasies enough already this year, and then you forget about it (if you are that type of person). Or, if you are a more dynamic type of person, you book a table and organise organise a group of friends to go.

My husband has now gone to buy a suit (a couple of years of living with me having reduced him to such a shadow of his former self that he needs a smaller one). I am looking forward to wearing my party dress (I don’t need a smaller one, and have just realised that no, I am not going to lose that half a stone by tonight, even if I eat only fruit all day, but hopefully I’ll still be able to do up the zip).

I can’t wait!


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