What Will My Excuse Be Now?

Well, what am I going to do now? When I get home from work at 6pm, can I no longer plonk myself in front of the laptop with a glass of wine, while the husband makes dinner and the kids watch TV, and tap out my random musings, saying

‘Yes, yes, I’m coming, five more minutes, I just need to post this first…’?

Will I now have to do the housework again, see to the kids, tackle the chaotic mess of discarded bags, coats and socks, rather than just leaving it to pile up until the weekend? And at weekends, once I have finished my exhausting blitz of the house with hoover and cloth, will I have to give the film we are watching my full attention rather than click-clicking furtively at intervals, until people start tutting?

What reason can I give for why I HAVE to do this NOW, rather then when I have time (ie, never)?

I am currently making the transition from housewife, to full-time worker. Nablopomo has enabled me to sit typing while completely ignoring the mess all around me (a very good skill which everyone should have) because I am doing something Very Important. ‘

‘What do you get for this?’ asks my husband ‘A prize or something?’

I have ignored all such questions which touch on the deeper question

‘Why is it so important, and what is the point of doing it?’ because you could ask this question about any activity, really, including the cleaning. Especially the cleaning.

Deep down, I have already answered the question:Β I’ve been blogging every day for the whole month of November, because it is what I wanted to do.

And it’s been worth it…

Do I need an excuse? Do you ever feel guilty for pursuing your own goals? I’d love to hear about it!


12 thoughts on “What Will My Excuse Be Now?

  1. OMG Rose, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post….I am simultaneously nodding my head and cracking up….”What do you get, a prize or something…?” hahahahah I have been asked that dozens of times this month. Just tell hubby NaBloPoMo was changed to NaBloPoYr and extended through Dec of 2014 :p

    • Yes, it’s amazing what you can fit into a day when you put the things you want to do first, instead of getting the chores out of the way first..Definitely worth doing πŸ™‚

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