‘Miss, My Friends Ate My Geography Project’

I am half way through a very serious post about social work and how I realised I really shouldn’t be in that career (it was when I started to entertain myself by using obscure words in my case notes, because I had got tired of parroting the social work jargon which imprisoned my thoughts and judgement) and I will finish and post that one soon, but I have to finish making tea and my daughter wants to talk to me.

Also, she’s being very funny.

‘I’ve got a problem,’ she said ‘Seriously. You know that geography project?’

‘Yes, dear,’ I say ‘the one where you were asked to make a model of the globe and you spent all last night making one from cake?’

‘Yes, well M and R came over and they said where is your geography project and I said it’s downstairs and they said well bring it up we want to look at it and so I brought it up and then I went to the toilet and when I came back they had eaten TWO MASSIVE SLICES and a WHOLE COUNTRY and I’m going to get a detention now so please can you write me a note?’

Should I laugh? Maybe not. But HAHAHAHAHA…what else can I do?


7 thoughts on “‘Miss, My Friends Ate My Geography Project’

  1. I have actually had my dog eat my homework, but this? One in a life time opportunity! Hilarious!

    P.S — how did she make a completely round globe out of cake?? I’d love to see!

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