Wedding Vows

Today, I am actually going to spend some time with my husband. We have a whole 24 hours without children.

It’s the time of year that we first met: November, when the Autumn fires have died and the trees are grey and Christmas brings a synthetic sparkle to Manchester. We arranged to meet underneath the huge Father Christmas which sits atop the Town Hall.

In honour of our first meeting, and because I want to make the most of the next 24 hours, I am going to reblog this post which I wrote on thirtysomethingbride, in a previous age…


Like most couples, at the instant we met we were child-free. However, unlike younger couples, we would not be child-free for several years while we cemented our relationship and planned for the future. Three hours, at most, would separate us from school pick-up time and the resumption of parenting duties. As our children unsuspectingly practiced for their Nativity Plays, we sat outside a cafe and talked. It was November, as I recall, and our words came out in puffs of smoke which mingled with the steam from the coffee on the table.

It was a small sliver of time in which to be our independent adult selves, to focus on each other, like any new couple. Yet on this occasion and the many that followed, our conversation focused often on the kids; we found a mutual pleasure in sharing stories about them. There was no ‘me’ without my daughter, no…

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