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A couple of friends told me last week about a programme called ‘Gogglebox’. In the programme, families and couples are watching TV; but the TV is watching back – filming and broadcasting their reactions. It’s strangely compelling, as you get to know each person’s character through their likes and dislikes; the things on telly that make them laugh, or the things that they REALLY HATE.

In a similar vein, it is compelling to not only read posts on blogs, but to read other people’s reactions to posts (in comments and on other blogs).  I  also like to read blogs about blogging, where I can find out more about the person behind the words; where, how and why they write. I guess the main difference between Gogglebox and blogging is that the Gogglebox audience are simply goggling at the TV, despite their lively opinions, while bloggers are engaged in creating their own content as they read other peoples’.

I love the interactivity of blogging, it makes writing so much more fun. I prefer it to watching TV, but often end up doing both at once, annoying my family by clacking constantly at the laptop during silent or dramatic moments in their favourite programmes. At the moment, however, there’s nobody to annoy; I am alone in the house on a rainy Saturday, I almost certainly should be cleaning the house, and for once find that I am a little tired of the sound of my own ‘voice’. I’m not sure whether my idea of writing each day about one of my countless jobs was the best one. Maybe it’s because it is my day off, but today I don’t feel like writing about work, past or present. The more I write about my past jobs, the more I realise that they fall into one of three categories which I have put myself into through various periods of my life: drunken wench, mother/surrogate mother, and carer/social worker. My career has not been quite as varied as I thought. Still, I’ve enjoyed remembering some of the silly things I have done, and found it good to write about the sad moments which have stayed with me, and I’m sure I will have a renewed enthusiasm for the subject of work on Sunday morning!

To anyone reading: I hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever you do. May work bring you fun and fulfilment  and if you are participating in NaNoWriMo, happy blogging! I look forward to finding out more about you 🙂


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