The Book of Jobs

Street sweeping or waitressing?

Street sweeping or waitressing?

In the spirit of optimism, I’m taking up a writing challenge for this month. I don’t think I’m ready for NaNoWriMo, but neither could I imagine writing posts every day on unrelated topics. So, my endeavour for this month is to write my ‘book of jobs’, on this blog, for NaBloPoMo.

This blog is supposed to be about my family life, and the amusing/touching/shocking situations that arise from bringing together two single parents and two only children, putting them in the same house and then sitting back to watch the fireworks. However, maybe because we’ve now become Smug Marrieds, because we’ve been living together for years now, or because the children are practically teenagers (and anything amusing or interesting they might do is now done online and not for the benefit of adults), but it can be days or even weeks in this house before anyone does anything ¬†remotely amusing, or touching, or shocking. I couldn’t possibly write a post a day on this family.

There is a world I have rediscovered recently, one that is much more interesting than I remembered it to be, and that is the world of work.

Looking back at all the jobs I have had in my life so far (I counted 35 last night), they tell the story of my life. The story of a wanderer, a jack-of-all-trades, a magpie who likes to collect odd scraps of knowledge and experience. Or, someone who is absolutely rubbish at sticking to anything for any length of time.

So, let’s see if I can stick with this for a month. I hope you’ll join me. The jobs range from bar maid to social worker, and they’ve all taught me something (even if it was just that I don’t like social work). Each one has given me a different window through which to look at life.

Think I preferred street sweeping, even though I never had to curtsey to my customers as this waitress appears to be doing.

Think I preferred street sweeping, even though I never had to curtsey to my customers as this waitress appears to be doing.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the story of Tony the stoned chef, and the boss who thought that evolution was going backwards and people were becoming more animal-like as time went on…


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