One Year On

One year on – I’m married! Here’s a picture of me, getting married (actually I’d already done it; the pen was a fake pen and the smile for the cameras).


It was a moment of perfect happiness; I felt ‘like a bride’ and it was the most unique and lovely feeling, only marred later on by viewing the pictures my friends posted on facebook (‘how could I have felt so great yet be sporting such fat arms?’ was my anguished cry).

Join me for the next stage of the journey; I will recount the details of our ‘honeymoon’ during which the kids painted my new husband’s toenails pink as he slept, our adventures in parenting two burgeoning teenagers, trying to keep the romance alive along with the guinea pig and the fish (we’ve already lost some fish…) and how we balance work, life, romance and lying on the sofa resting our brains (or writing this blog).


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